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The Power of God

Tim Keller |  February 13, 2011

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  • Trust and Assurance
Ephesians 1:11-23
RS 328-07

Grasping God’s Power in Ephesians 1:11–23

Understanding or forgetting who God truly is can often be at the root of our struggles. This study focuses on the amazing power of God, aiming to help us not only understand it in theory, but experience it personally in our past, present, and future. The goal is to strengthen our confidence that God’s power is genuinely for us.

1. Witnessing God’s power in our past

The only reason we can believe in God is because of His power, the same one that brought Jesus back to life. Some people might think they’re seeking God through religious rituals, but if they’re only doing it for personal benefits, they’re not truly seeing Him as their ultimate Lord and Savior. Realizing that our faith in Jesus is entirely due to God’s power makes life exciting and meaningful, and it also soothes worries about spiritual uncertainty or dry periods.

2. Experiencing God’s power in our present

God’s power is at work in us today in two ways: first, we’re stamped with the Holy Spirit’s seal, assuring us of our future inheritance, and second, even though we’re saved from the penalty of sin, its impact still lingers, causing us pain and hardship. We look forward to future liberation from sin’s influence. This expectation of change fills us with hope and joy, knowing that total freedom is near.

3. Anticipating God’s power in our future

The transformative power of the Holy Spirit inspires us to let go of petty goals and chase bigger ones. The lives of Esau, Jacob, and Joseph teach us the value of acknowledging our God-given purpose and trusting in His direction, even in tough times. God’s power, personified in Jesus Christ, steers history and manages all life and the universe to achieve redemption. This knowledge dispels fear and worry, enabling real change.

4. Trusting that God’s power is truly for us

The cross, where Jesus gave His life, illustrates the curious relationship between power and love. We don’t understand God’s power by looking at the power itself, but by reflecting on His love. While the cross might seem like a symbol of weakness, it actually represents God’s selfless love and is the real source of life-changing power, offering us comfort against fear and worry.



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