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The Problem of Blessing

Tim Keller |  October 28, 2001

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  • Identity
Genesis 27:18-34
RS 141-1


All people crave the blessings of uniquely valuable people. To get this blessing we disguise ourselves and hide our true selves. Yet the only blessing that lasts is the blessing of God, which comes from Christ, who gave up his right as first-born.

Genesis 27:18–34

Jacob, one of the characters in Genesis, is part of God’s chosen family. He and his family are meant to show others how to follow God’s ways. When his father, Isaac, is getting old, he plans to bless his older son, Esau. But Jacob and his mom, Rebekah, trick Isaac so Jacob gets the blessing. This story shows us how important blessings are in our lives.

1. The power of blessing

In the Bible, a blessing isn’t just a hope for good things or a kind word. It’s a powerful force that shapes our lives. It’s about recognizing a person’s true identity and using words and actions to encourage them to fulfill their God-given purpose. The story of Jacob and Isaac shows us how lasting and powerful a true blessing can be. It helps Jacob become the person God wants him to be.

2. We deeply need blessing

Everyone wants to be blessed, just like Jacob wanted his father’s approval. We all want to know we’re valuable, but often, we can’t convince ourselves. We need others to tell us. Even though the way blessings were given in Jacob’s time wasn’t perfect, we still have a deep need for blessing today.

3. How we usually try to get blessing

Jacob’s story shows us that people sometimes hide their true selves to get approval, just like we might do in our jobs, relationships, or religious lives. But trying to be someone we’re not just to get validation leaves us feeling empty. The real blessing comes when we’re true to ourselves and let others see our real selves.

4. How we can find our blessing

What Jacob did shows us that everyone should be treated fairly and that parents have an important role. It also shows us that spiritual issues can come up when we seek validation and deal with difficult situations. The story tells us that God can work through people, even if they’re not perfect. It challenges the idea that blessings are only for perfect people from perfect families. In the end, we learn that we’re saved through faith in Jesus Christ. He took on our punishment and makes it possible for us to experience God’s love as if we were the only ones in the world.



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