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The Runner

Tim Keller |  April 10, 2005

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  • Suffering
Hebrews 12:1-13
RS 181-10

Hebrews 12:1–13

We’re diving into the book of Hebrews, where a group of people are going through tough times. They’re getting some deep, loving advice. The big idea is learning how to stay strong when life gets rough, especially in a world that doesn’t like to deal with pain. We’re talking about why and how to keep going in this race of life, and what attitudes and skills we need.

1. Life is a race

Think of life as a race filled with twists and turns. It’s important to train and discipline ourselves to handle these bumps. Oddly enough, when we go through tough times, we grow stronger, even if we feel weak. Our outlook on pain and hardship shapes how we deal with it. So, we need to build a way of seeing the world that can handle suffering and make us stronger.

2. Why to run it

Getting through life’s tough times can be seen as God helping us grow, like a caring father, not a mean coach. The word “paideia,” in the original Greek, means a focus on overall growth and health, not just punishment. This way of thinking turns suffering into a process of growth, directed by God’s perfect timing, and is a unique Christian view that goes beyond just being tough or self-focused.

3. How to run it

Being humble and obedient are key when times get hard. Keeping a childlike mindset can stop us from losing hope. It’s important to keep going and do our day-to-day activities during tough times, using them as chances for reflection and growth. Focusing on Jesus, aiming for God’s glory, and understanding life’s purpose can bring happiness and strength during hard times.


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