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The Search for Identity

Tim Keller |  October 10, 1993

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  • Purpose and Calling
  • Identity
Psalm 8
RS 45-05

Psalm 8

Understanding who we are and how we see ourselves is really important, especially in today’s world where we’re often encouraged to define ourselves. We need to pay attention to how we’re forming our identity, since different ideas can shape us in subtle ways. It’s also important to look at what the Bible has to say about our identity.

1. What the world says

People often try to figure out who they are in three ways: by how successful they are, how others see them, or how they feel about themselves. But these ways often don’t give us a full picture of who we are and can make life feel shallow. This sermon will question these ideas about identity, emphasizing that we need something more than just popular opinion to tell us who we are. We need to find our identity in God and His eternal truths.

2. What the Bible says

The Bible teaches that understanding how great and wonderful God is helps us understand our own worth as His creation. Without believing in God, it’s hard to have a solid reason for treating ourselves and others with respect. But Christianity gives a unique view of human value, saying that we’re made a little lower than God Himself, in His own image. By focusing on Jesus and His sacrifice for us, we can understand our worth and live in light of that truth.



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