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The Search for Jesus Christ

Tim Keller |  May 26, 1991

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  • Doctrine
John 7:10-20; 40-46
RS 11-31

Understanding John 7:10–20; 40–46

In John 7, we find different opinions about Jesus. Some people thought he was a good man, others thought he was a prophet, and some even believed that he was possessed by a demon. The things Jesus said and did were so extraordinary that there are three possibilities: He was either trying to trick people, he was out of his mind, or he was really who he said he was. To figure out which one is true, we need to take a closer look at what Jesus taught and did.

1. The first option: Jesus is a good man

Jesus said things like he was God and he could forgive sins, as if people had done something wrong to him personally. He also demanded that people be completely loyal to him, not just to a cause or a country. This is not what you would expect from a normal good man or teacher. Jesus’s claims were too big for him to be just a good man. He was claiming to be God.

2. The second and third options: Jesus is a trickster or Jesus is crazy

Some people in Jesus’s time thought he was either trying to trick people or he was crazy. But when we look at what Jesus said and did, these options don’t make sense. His teachings were so deep that even people who wanted to arrest him were amazed. He was also very kind, strong, and humble. Through Jesus, we see what God is really like. Jesus really is the Christ, the Son of the living God.

3. The last option: Jesus is the Christ

Even though there is evidence, some people might still not believe. Evidence can help us believe, but we also need to feel it in our hearts. If Jesus’s life and teachings are true, they should touch us deeply and change the way we live.

1. Jesus requires all of you

Jesus asks for everything from us. He wants us to change our whole lives, obey him completely, and be totally loyal to him. He isn’t just a normal leader. He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah and wants us to give him everything. We can either run away, try to get rid of him, or fully surrender to him.

2. Being good isn’t enough

What makes Christianity different is that Jesus didn’t just teach a way to God, he said he was God and the way to God. Christians believe that we can’t earn salvation by doing good things, but only receive it through God’s grace. So, saying that all religions lead to God is not what Christianity teaches. Jesus’s teachings change us from the inside out. Just being good or moral is not enough to be saved.

3. Be careful not to be biased

If you’re not sure about Jesus, it’s important to investigate without any preconceived ideas. Imagine flies trying to describe a cow, it’s silly, right? We can’t just decide what Jesus is like based on what we want. If Jesus really is who he says he is, then what he thinks of us is the most important. So, when you’re looking into Jesus, be open-minded, objective, brave, and ready to give everything to him, just like a scientist would be in their experiments.



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