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The Sympathy of Jesus 1996

Tim Keller |  December 1, 1996

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  • Repentance
  • Sin
  • Understanding the Gospel
Mark 7:24-37
RS 73-05


Though there may have been other occasions, the only time we know of that Jesus ever left his country, ever left the boundaries of Israel is here in Mark 7.

He did so for a purpose, and he did so to teach us something. There are two stories: the healing of the little daughter and the healing of the deaf-mute. Let’s look at them and see what they teach us.

Mark 7:24–37

This passage tells about Jesus’ journey to Tyre, which highlights his love for all people and his healing miracles. One story is about a woman who knows she isn’t perfect but still has faith in Jesus, showing us God’s endless mercy. The main lessons here are about being humble, turning away from our mistakes, and understanding Jesus’ caring nature.

1. Jesus Christ is willing to forgive everyone

Jesus’ trip to a foreign land shows that everyone can have a relationship with him, no matter what they’ve done in the past. His love doesn’t change, even when we mess up. Octavius Winslow wrote about Jesus’ sighs, showing us that even when our faith isn’t strong, Jesus’ belief in us never wavers.

2. Jesus forgives everyone in their own unique way

Jesus’ actions with the woman and the man show a mix of seriousness and kindness, which shows his real compassion. Whether he seems tough or gentle, he’s always doing what’s best for the person. This reminds us of what John Newton said, “Whatever God gives you is necessary, and whatever he doesn’t give you, you don’t really need.”

3. We need to understand all sides of Jesus

To truly know Jesus, we have to understand all parts of him, and we can do this best by studying and experiencing him together. We should treat each other with the same kindness that Jesus shows us. Following Jesus means understanding the sacrifices he made for us, and accepting his invitation to join him in fellowship.



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