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The Sympathy of Jesus 1995

Tim Keller |  December 24, 1995

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  • God's Love
Hebrews 2:17
IS 268

Hebrews 4:15–16

This sermon explores Jesus as a high priest who gets our human struggles, using Hannah’s story as an example. It highlights Jesus’ unique skill to understand our troubles and provide hope, with his perfect life enabling perfect understanding and moral purity. The sermon encourages us to ask for Jesus’ help and guidance, emphasizing the need for deep understanding for effective counseling.

1. Engage personally

The virgin birth is more than a story; it’s a powerful truth about how God interacts with us. It shows God’s real involvement in our human lives, demonstrating His priestly spirit. As Christians, this asks us to actively connect with others, taking on commitment and responsibility, reflecting God’s promise through the virgin birth.

2. Engage emotionally

A true priestly community is one that connects emotionally with others, letting their pain affect us, just like Jesus did. Even if some people might call us codependent, it’s vital to be a source of life, allowing emotions to move freely instead of getting stuck. This emotional connection not only brings us closer to the ultimate High Priest but also helps create a truly priestly community.

3. Engage spiritually

It’s important to see Jesus in two roles – as a prophet who guides us in life, and as a priest who speaks for us before God. Being a Christian involves letting go and depending on God’s grace and on Jesus as our advocate. The ideas of the virgin birth, incarnation, and Christmas are key in understanding and celebrating our relationship with Jesus, as they give us love, understanding, and care.



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