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The Terrifying Jesus

Tim Keller |  December 12, 1999

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  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
John 6:16-24
RS 108-06

John 6:16–24

When Jesus walked on water and calmed his disciples’ fear, he showed us why we should call him “Lord”. This word isn’t just something we say, it means knowing and accepting his authority. Seeing Jesus as Lord, not just a baby born in a stable, but as a powerful and awesome figure, can change our hearts and lives.

1. He’s sovereign Lord

Jesus walking on water during a storm shows that he’s in control, even when life gets tough and unpredictable. His power isn’t like a magic trick, it’s a guiding light for anyone who feels lost or helpless. If we try to navigate life without Jesus, we’re going to face some big challenges.

2. He’s the ultimate Lord

Jesus uses the heavenly name “I Am,” to show that he’s eternal and unchanging. He’s the ultimate source of everything. To accept Jesus as Lord, we need to put him at the center of our lives, leading to deep love and obedience. Rejecting his divinity doesn’t really make sense, because his teachings, actions, and authority are all connected; his promise of forgiveness and salvation are empty without his divine identity.

3. He’s the Holy Lord

When the disciples saw Jesus walk on water, they were terrified because they realized how holy he was. They felt small in comparison. This fear comes from the struggle within us between wanting to experience God’s glory and wanting to control our own lives. But it’s Jesus, in his authority and holiness, who can calm this internal struggle, showing us the need to surrender and trust in his authority.

4. He’s something else besides Lord

Jesus Christ’s holiness, as the “I Am,” is a promise, not a threat. He alone can face the storm of justice and punishment for our sins, which he did on the cross. He’s not just a Lord, but a Savior and substitute, reminding us that our sins are paid for and we’ll never be left alone, no matter how tough life gets. Being a Christian means being instantly accepted by Jesus, guiding us to places we never thought possible, beyond just making our lives better.



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