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The Throne of David

Tim Keller |  December 21, 2003

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  • Christmas and Advent
  • Salvation
  • Jesus' Birth
Isaiah 9:1-7
RS 172-03

Isaiah 9:1–7

Isaiah 9 predicts the importance of Galilee, the arrival of a child who will bring happiness and freedom, and the establishment of a new government under his guidance. This child forms a connection between Jesus and King David and their roles in healing the world. This passage is important in understanding the true meaning of Christmas, it talks about the fear of death and how faith in Jesus Christ can free us from this fear. The story also talks about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who saw death as a path to freedom, thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This shows that believing in Jesus can free us from fear, no matter what situation we’re in.

2. Christmas is about how to open a gift

Salvation is a gift from God, it’s not something we can achieve on our own. This is shown by the birth of the mighty God and the appearance of eternal life. The real and historical elements of the Christmas story shouldn’t be ignored, but should be carefully considered. We need to recognize that miracles exist in all religions. If we accept the Christmas story as a true sign of God’s grace, and build a spiritual connection with a Wonderful Counselor, we can find happiness, fulfillment, and a deeper understanding of Jesus’ birth as the ultimate gift for salvation.



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