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The Timing of Jesus

Tim Keller |  April 9, 2006

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  • Trust and Assurance
Mark 5:21-43
RS 190-14


The book of Mark gives us insight into the authentic Jesus, and this account describes the patience of Jesus — which often serves as a trial of our patience. This sermon will show us 1) The delays of Jesus; 2) The lessons of Jesus; and 3) The puzzling weakness Jesus experiences.

Mark 5:21–43

Jesus shows us how to be patient through his thoughtful actions. We learn the importance of waiting and trusting in God’s timing from three main points: the purposeful waiting times, the lessons we learn from these waits, and the surprising show of weakness from Jesus. Even with these pauses, Jesus’ power and leadership are confirmed through the healing of a sick woman and the bringing back to life of Jairus’ daughter.

1. The waiting times

The story of Jairus and his sick daughter helps us understand God’s timing. Even when there’s a rush, Jesus takes a moment to heal someone else in the crowd. This teaches us that God’s kindness doesn’t always fit into our plans or expectations. This story highlights that what we see as delays are not a sign of lack of love, but rather a message to trust in God’s perfect timing.

2. What we learn from these waiting times

When we ask something from Jesus, we often get more than we expected, as shown by the stories of Jairus and the woman who wanted to be healed. Jesus’s kindness not only goes beyond our expectations but also challenges the world’s viewpoints, giving importance to those who are overlooked or not valued. Even when God’s kindness seems late, it’s important to trust in His divine plan and let go of our self-centered views.

3. Jesus’ weakness

Jesus’ power and love are shown in a special way through his ability to solve big problems and his tender care for each person, as seen when he brings a girl back to life. His sacrifice on the cross shows his readiness to become weak so we can be strong, assuring us that he will never leave us. Times when we need to wait are chances for us to become more humble, gracious, and wise, as we learn to trust in Jesus’ perfect timing and constant love.



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