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The Triune God

Tim Keller |  June 12, 2011

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  • Communion and Baptism
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Matthew 28:16-20
RS 330-06


The trinity is one of the most unique and startling of all Christian teachings. One of the most important things to know about the New Testament is that the Trinity— that God is one God containing three persons— is assumed everywhere, and so it’s in the background of every text. How can we talk about and think about the idea of the Trinity? This sermon will cover: 1) The difficulty of the thought of the Trinity; 2) The power of the thought; 3) The proof of the thought.

Matthew 28:16–20

Exploring the idea of the Trinity, which is a key teaching of Christianity, we see God as one being in three persons. This idea is not openly stated but assumed in the New Testament, making it a bit tricky to understand. However, it’s best understood when looked at in the context of the Great Commission.

1. The difficulty of the thought of the Trinity

When a Christian gets baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, it shows their commitment to God and that they’re receiving His nature. Every Christian is baptized into the Trinity, which is one being with three unique persons. This supports the belief in one God found in both the Old and New Testaments. Even though it’s a complex idea, understanding the Trinity is important because it’s a fundamental part of Christianity.

2. The power of the thought of the Trinity

The teaching of the Trinity highlights love as the ultimate truth and the very nature of God, showing that relationships are more important than worldly success. The main principle of the universe is selfless service, as shown by Jesus’ sacrifice. Understanding the Trinity in a balanced way helps Christians to focus more on others, always looking to share the love and joy found in the Trinity.

3. The proof of the thought of the Trinity

The idea of the Trinity might not seem obvious at first, but it becomes clear when we think about the deep impact and worship that Jesus inspires, suggesting a deeper complexity to God. The Old Testament gives us some hints about the Trinity, but it’s through Jesus’ resurrection that we fully understand the idea of one God in three persons. The rapid growth of Christianity among the Jews, driven by the resurrection, further highlights the revelation of God as a loving community.


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