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The True Shepherd

Tim Keller |  August 18, 1991

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  • God's Love
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
John 10:14-29
RS 11-38

John 10:14–30

Jesus, as the Good Shepherd, knows us and is willing to give up everything, even His life, for us. He promises to bring together everyone who listens to His call under His care. Even when people have different reactions to His words, He assures His followers that they can trust Him and promises to keep them safe forever. He stands as the one and only real shepherd, questioning anyone else who pretends to be in this role.

1. The True Shepherd sacrifices everything for us

Jesus’ love is special because He gives His all for us. This isn’t a half-hearted promise, but a full, steady commitment to us.

2. He knows us completely

What makes the True Shepherd special is His willingness to sacrifice everything and His deep understanding of us. This is a unique quality that sets Him apart from everyone else. There’s no one else who can take His place.

3. He is fully God

Jesus, our Good Shepherd, willingly gives up His life for His followers. This helps us to overcome our fear of death and being separated from God. He also helps us face the fear of being truly known and accepted by God. The key point is that we need to fully surrender to Jesus, accept Him as God and through this, we can find peace and guidance.



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