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Tim Keller |  April 3, 2005

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  • Doctrine
Hebrews 11:1-10,13
RS 181-09

Hebrews 11:1–10, 13

Faith is like a compass, guiding us through life’s ups and downs. People often think faith is about being good or smart, but the Bible shows it’s more complex: it involves clear thinking, a personal bond with God, a reliable base for life, and an awareness of God’s kindness. Faith is based on facts, helps us connect with God, gives us a solid foundation in life, and reminds us that we’re just visitors on earth, looking forward to a heavenly city built by God.

1. Faith is rational

Faith isn’t just hoping for the best; it involves careful thinking and understanding. It’s a sureness based on evidence and reasoning that acknowledges the physical world around us isn’t everything, and there must be a hidden, spiritual reality too. This kind of faith, which involves thinking and reasoning, helps us understand right and wrong and the things that make us happy, and make sense of the visible and invisible world.

2. Faith is personal

Faith is more than following rules; it’s about having a personal experience with God that makes us look at ourselves. This experience with God can be quiet or dramatic, but it shakes up our lives, making us rethink what’s important to us. The life of Dr. David Martyn Lloyd-Jones shows how these experiences can make us realize that worldly success isn’t everything, and that we need a relationship with God.

3. Faith is foundational

The story of Abraham, who listened and obeyed God, shows us that putting our trust in worldly things is like building a house on sand. True success and security come from focusing on God’s promises about the future. Trusting in God can be scary, but it’s a gift that changes us into people who can face life’s challenges with faith.

4. Faith is graceful

Abraham’s trust in God was confirmed in a special ceremony where God, represented by smoke, passed through a cut-up animal, promising to be there for Abraham. This act shows God’s kindness, promising that He will take the punishment if the promise is broken, a promise Jesus fulfilled when He died on the cross. Choosing to follow Jesus, even when it’s hard and we have doubts, is a path to true greatness, because it means walking with the One who gave up everything for us.



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