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The Vinedresser

Tim Keller |  January 12, 1992

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  • Discipleship and Spiritual Growth
John 15:1-5
RS 26-02

John 15:1–5

In the story where Jesus talks about being a vine and us being the branches, he’s explaining how being spiritually connected to God helps us grow. As Christians, we’re not just people living on earth. We’re also spiritual beings meant to connect with God and show His power and glory. When we’re born again, it’s like we’re joining in God’s divine nature. God the Father is like a gardener who helps us grow. He prunes or trims us so we can bear more fruit and make a real difference.

1. He’s looking for the dead branches to remove them

When the gardener checks the branches, it’s a picture of how God can tell the difference between those who are only pretending to be connected to him and those who really are. The fruit we produce is proof of God’s presence in our lives. It shows the importance of truly believing, growing in God’s love, and acting differently in a world that often only thinks of itself. The story also talks about the relationship between love and obedience, showing that truly loving God means obeying him from the heart. Following God’s rules is one way we bear fruit. And Jesus is like our stand-in, bridging the gap between us and God.

2. He’s pruning the living branches so they’ll bear more fruit

A gardener’s job is to make the vine as fruitful as possible. This often means cutting back branches, which might seem harsh but is necessary for growth and protection. This idea can be applied to many situations in life, like purifying gold or teaching a child right from wrong. It’s important to remember that when we’re going through tough times or facing tests, we should let go of things we wrongly thought were giving us life, put God’s plans before our own, and stay close to Him so we can produce more fruit.



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