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The Word Made Flesh

Tim Keller |  December 13, 2009

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  • Christmas and Advent
  • Jesus' Birth
John 1:1-14
RS 318-01


One of the problems with Christmas is we think meaningfulness comes easily. You go to a Christmas service or even a Christmas party, and a couple of people say a couple of words. You come and you sing Christmas carols with sort of dreamy and happy faces. That’s good, because we’re immediately connecting Christmas to family, reunions, gifts, time off from work, and things like that. We settle for too little though, because the meaning of Christmas is inexhaustible. It’s filled with theologically powerful, life-changing truths.

Our passage from John 1 today helps us understand the meaning of the events around Christmas. We’re going to simply meditate on three aspects of the most pregnant part of this famous passage, verse 14: 1) Jesus is the Word of God; 2) Jesus is our counselor; and 3) the real becomes ideal.

John 1:1–14

Christmas is not just about the festivities; it’s about celebrating Jesus, who is the Word of God and the perfect picture of who God is. It’s not about creating unbeatable arguments for Christianity, but seeing Jesus as a flawless example whose life, words, and resurrection are the strongest evidence for the truth of Christianity. Christmas shows us God’s humility and human-like nature, how Jesus makes God reachable for us, and the life-changing power of love and respect. It invites us to fully commit to Jesus and his teachings.



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