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The World’s Sword

Tim Keller |  April 9, 2000

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  • Doctrine
  • Atonement
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Matthew 26:47-60
RS 112-3

Matthew 26:47–56

The story of Jesus’ arrest in Matthew shows us the amazing impact of the cross, seen through Jesus’ own words. The first Christians found love, happiness, and strength in the cross, turning their sadness, failure, and pain into a dedicated, value-focused, and peaceful life. It’s not just feeling sorry for Jesus’ suffering that changes us. It’s really understanding the deep meaning of the cross.

1. The word to Judas

The story of Judas betraying Jesus makes us rethink old and new views. It shows how the kiss, which was against cultural rules, reflects what all humans can do. The difference between selling out Jesus and serving him is made clear, showing the need for total loyalty and full dedication to Jesus. The cross’s amazing power is also stressed, as it helps people to come into God’s presence and grow in generosity and love for others.

3. Jesus goes out to the crowd

When Jesus faces an armed group, he corrects them and reassures them of God’s plan, showing that the good news’s amazing power is not just a social project. He asks why they needed to arrest him secretly when he taught openly in the temple courts. The cross shows us that God is always working, even when it seems like he’s left us or things are unfair. It reminds us of God’s nearness and action in our own hard times and pain.



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