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They Divided My Garments

Tim Keller |  March 2, 2008

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  • Suffering
  • Atonement
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
John 19:23-27
RS 201-3

John 19:23–27

When we think about Jesus’ last hours, as told by John, we can learn a lot about why his death on the cross matters. The soldiers splitting up his clothes and Jesus making sure his mother would be cared for reveal answers to a long-standing puzzle. Plus, these moments show us the two amazing gifts we’ve received because of Jesus’ sacrifice.

1. On the cross Jesus was solving one ancient mystery

Psalm 22 helps us understand the deep meaning of Jesus’ death. It paints a picture of public suffering that looks a lot like what Jesus went through. It talks about pain beyond anything we can imagine, hinting that Jesus’ pain was greater than any human pain. Despite all this, Jesus stayed true to God, showing us what ultimate loyalty looks like. His perfect life and faithful death give us the chance for a fresh start and the gift of following his example. This draws people all over the world to the God of Israel and shows us the real meaning of the cross.

2. On the cross Jesus was giving us two immeasurable gifts

People often feel shame because they’re scared of being rejected or judged, and they might try to hide parts of themselves or work really hard to seem perfect. But when we’re honest about who we are and stop worrying about what others think, we can feel free and truthful. Believing in Christ is key because it opens the door to God’s forgiveness and acceptance, just like the story of Jesus’ death on the cross shows us.



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