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To Revive the Spirit of the Lowly

Tim Keller |  March 21, 2010

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  • Suffering
  • Salvation
Isaiah 57:12-21
RS 319-08

Isaiah 57:1–2, 13–21

Even though we have the gift of salvation through Jesus, we still live in a world filled with sorrow and pain. Being saved doesn’t mean we won’t face difficulties, but it does mean we’ll have the strength to handle them. As Christians, we can bravely face these struggles, knowing we’re not alone.

1. What we face

Bad things can happen to anyone, including those who love and serve God. We need to stop thinking that good people always have good lives and bad people always have bad lives. Sometimes, suffering can be a way God prepares us for something greater or shows us His glory. When we face hard times, it’s important to trust that God knows what He’s doing, even if we can’t understand it all.

2. How we should try to face it

Being humble and sorry for our mistakes are important traits to have. God promises to be close to those who are humble and spirit-broken. Going through hard times can actually help us to care more about others than ourselves. The Bible tells us that things like idols and material possessions can’t give us real comfort in tough times. Only God can truly comfort and support us.

3. Why we can be assured we’ll be able to do it

Our confidence in facing future challenges comes from the unending love of God, as shown in Isaiah 57:16-18. Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, where He took the punishment we deserved, is a reminder that He will never leave us. By understanding His sacrifice, we can reflect His healing love in the world.



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