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Tim Keller |  October 22, 1995

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  • Salvation
  • Understanding the Gospel
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Acts 4:1-20
RS 63-07

Acts 4:1–20

Acts gives us a glimpse into the early days of the church, including the first sermon, worship service, and time of persecution. Peter and John are arrested for teaching about Jesus and the resurrection, but this actually leads to more people becoming believers, even though they had to face religious leaders who disagreed with them. This story encourages us to think about why some people don’t believe, and suggests that it’s not just a matter of the mind, but also of the heart. It introduces the idea of gestalt – seeing the whole picture, not just parts. And it reminds us how important it is to be patient, to love, and to forgive when we’re faced with challenges or people who oppose us, just like Jesus did.



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