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War and Peace

Tim Keller |  March 4, 1990

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  • Purpose and Calling
Matthew 5:9-12
RS 6-1


All of us are at war with God, whether we admit it or not. Finding peace comes from being shocked by God’s love into a new relationship. Being a peacemaker is sharing this good news and letting God’s glory shine out of your life.

Matthew 5:9–12

The Beatitudes, especially “Blessed are the peacemakers,” show how people’s lives can change when they join God’s kingdom, meaning they start to live in a new way, focusing on peace. Being a Christian and a peacemaker might bring some challenges, but it’s really about living for Jesus and sharing His peace. We should choose to be Christians because it’s the truth and Jesus is the King, and yes, it also brings good changes in our lives.

1. What is peace?

People naturally struggle with God, and this inner battle can stop us from having real peace. Even though we mess up and fight against Him, God offers us peace through Jesus Christ. We just need to humbly follow His teachings. This God-given peace brings us closer to Him, turns worship into a joyous event, gets rid of the fear of messing up, and highlights the excitement of experiencing God’s kindness.

2. What is peacemaking?

Peacemaking, like Jesus showed us, is about facing conflict and sacrificing ourselves to make real peace. It means admitting when we’re wrong with God and trying to make things right, and encouraging others to do the same. This change makes us think more about others and less about ourselves, helping us support what God is doing in their lives, and giving us a new purpose.

3. Why does peacemaking always inevitably lead to persecution?

Christians will face challenges, but it’s important to know if it’s because of our faith or our behavior. The more we show God’s greatness, the more we will attract and repel people. Some people might not like how we live our faith, but we can find happiness in our sacrifices, knowing that the peace from Christ is better than anything the world can offer.



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