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Weight of Glory

Tim Keller |  September 15, 1991

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  • Glorification
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John 12:23-35
RS 11-42

John 12:20–29

Jesus, despite knowing he was meant to draw all people to him, was scared and uncertain about his time of glory. This shows us how important the idea of glory is in our lives. We all want to feel important and valued, so let’s explore what glory means and why it matters. We’ll focus on three main points: God’s own glory, why we should give glory to God, and how giving glory to God can change our lives.

1. God is glorious

God’s glory is beyond anything we can imagine. It includes all the beauty, wisdom, pureness, and power in the universe. When we talk about “glory,” we’re talking about something so big and heavy that it can make us feel small. In the Old Testament, God’s glory was so strong that people couldn’t even stand up when they saw it.

2. We have to give all glory to him

Giving glory to God is important for everyone, not just Christians. It helps us recognize what’s worth celebrating and keeps our minds healthy. When we disobey, it’s like we’re not recognizing God’s glory. This suggests that life without God lacks real purpose and moral direction. Glorifying God isn’t just a duty. It’s also a way to find real joy, fulfillment, and personal growth.

3. If we give God all of our glory, we’ll get the glory we’ve always wanted

When we put God’s wants before our own, we can experience the real, divine glory we’re longing for. The key difference between a Christian and someone who just tries to be good is that Christians can see and participate in God’s glory. This is especially true when we think about the beauty of the cross and how deeply God loves us. By giving glory to God, we can truly feel the glory that comes from knowing Him.



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