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What Is Freedom (Open Forum)

Tim Keller |  May 31, 2000

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  • Purpose and Calling
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Open Forums are specifically designed for skeptics or those wrestling with the claims of Christianity. Each Open Forum included a brief concert by guest artists followed by a talk and open mic Q&A with Timothy Keller. This audio recording includes the talk only.

1. The jazz lesson on freedom

The art of jazz teaches us a great lesson on freedom. Though jazz musicians may seem to play freely and creatively, their performance is actually grounded in discipline and structure. This shows us that real freedom isn’t about having no rules at all. It’s about choosing the right rules that match with who we are. It’s like a sailboat being free when it’s in the water and sailing, which is what it’s made to do.

2. The connection between jazz and freedom

Jazz music, especially the spontaneous creativity in it, shows us a lot about freedom. It’s a way for musicians to express themselves and work together. The African-American theologian James Cone shared that African-Americans developed a special way of understanding faith and freedom from their experiences with slavery. He taught us the importance of being humble and having faith when we come to God, instead of being proud and powerful. He also showed us how important it is to take risks and keep exploring, so we don’t get stuck in one place.



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