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Where Can Wisdom Be Found?

Tim Keller |  February 3, 2008

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  • Suffering
Job 28:9-15, 20-28
RS 200-5


In Job 28, we have a poem by Job. Not only is it in some ways the apex of Job’s artistry in the book, but it’s also the apex of Job’s insight. In the midst of all his struggling, he comes to probably his greatest insight about what he has to do, what he must face, and what the suffering means. This poem is all about wisdom. Suffering requires wisdom in order to be handled rightly. And rightly handled, suffering produces more wisdom.

These sections of the poem are going to tell us four things. They’re going to tell us about the importance of wisdom and yet the inaccessibility of it. They’re going to tell us about the source of wisdom and yet the secret of it.

Job 28:9–15, 20–28

Job talks about wisdom and how hard it is to find. You can’t dig it up or buy it. No animal knows where it is. Only God understands it because it’s holy. Job tells us that real wisdom is respecting God and staying away from evil. He shows us that wisdom helps us understand suffering and that it comes from God.

1. The value of real wisdom

Job explains in verses 9-15 how important wisdom is. You can’t buy it with money. It helps us understand the world, make good choices, and deal with tough situations where just knowing right from wrong isn’t enough. Without wisdom, even good intentions can go wrong, so it’s crucial for managing life’s ups and downs.

2. The mystery of real wisdom

Wisdom is worth more than any precious metal, but it’s hard for humans to grasp. Alasdair MacIntyre says that without faith, we can’t agree on what’s right, causing problems in society. Science can give us facts, but only God can give us wisdom about why we’re here.

3. The origin of real wisdom

We can’t get wisdom just from technology or our own thoughts. It comes from God showing it to us. Understanding that God made the world but that it’s also broken helps us deal with suffering. Knowing the Bible helps us face hard times without getting too upset. The sermon warns about the dangers of just following rules or doing whatever we feel like. We need wisdom from God.

4. The secret of real wisdom

Respecting God isn’t about being scared. It’s about trusting in God’s love, even when things are hard. Just knowing Bible teachings isn’t enough. Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what matters. When we let go of our own wants and follow Jesus’ example of love and sacrifice, we find our true selves and gain eternal life.


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