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Why Do We Need the Bible?

Tim Keller |  March 18, 1990

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  • The Fall
  • Sin
  • The Bible
Matthew 5:17-20
RS 6-3

Matthew 5:17–20

Jesus says he didn’t come to get rid of the teachings from the Law and the Prophets, but to complete them. Even though some people don’t believe in the Bible’s authority, there’s a rise in spiritual movements. This shows us that people still long for a connection with God. The Bible tells us that this connection comes from a personal relationship with God, who speaks to us through His Word, the foundation of Christianity.

1. The Bible is the Word of God

It’s hard to accept that we are sinful and separated from God because of our mistakes. But when we admit this, we can experience God’s kindness and mercy. This is a humbling moment that shows us how much we need a Savior, and leads us to the hope we find in Jesus Christ.

2. Jesus Christ himself is the focus of the Word of God

The Bible isn’t just a collection of religious stories and rules. It’s all about Jesus Christ. When he says, “I didn’t come to abolish the Law and the Prophets but to fulfill them,” he’s saying he is the answer to the promises made in the Old Testament. Every story, rule, and guideline in the Bible gives us a glimpse of Jesus and his plan to save humanity, making the Bible more than just an old book or a list of do’s and don’ts.

3. The Bible’s purpose is not just to be believed and enjoyed but to change you

The Bible, God’s Word, helps us focus on Jesus Christ who often referred to the Old Testament. Our personal experiences should match the absolute truth we find in the Bible. The Word of God has the power to change us and should be the most important thing in our lives. If we want to truly know and experience God, we need to fully accept and constantly study His Word.



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