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Why Doesn’t Life Make Sense?: His Justice

Tim Keller |  October 25, 1992

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  • Repentance
  • Salvation
Matthew 11:20-30
RS 37-07


We all know that there is a moral standard higher than our own hearts. But if that’s true, how could we ever face God’s judgment? Yet he is not just our teacher – he is the judge who has been judged in our place so that we can have rest.

Matthew 11:20–30

Jesus talks about both good things and bad things, showing that God’s love and judgment go hand in hand. God’s love and anger aren’t opposing forces; they actually work together. His judgment gives meaning to the idea of salvation. To truly find peace and know God’s kindness, we must accept that His love and justice are inseparable, which is a bit of a surprise in Christian truth.

1. It shows us that judgment is real

Many people today don’t like to think about God’s judgment, even though deep down, we know we’re accountable for our choices. There’s a story about a man who, trying to protect his family, broke this universal moral law and ended up causing his own ruin. It’s vital to acknowledge that divine justice exists and we all answer for our actions.

2. It shows us why God judges

Jesus’ teachings highlight the importance of love, forgiveness, and kindness, giving us a unique guide on how to live. While His message invites the tired and worn-out to find comfort, it also makes us reflect on our own shortcomings, making us realize how undeserving we are of God’s love. However, by accepting God’s judgment and understanding that Jesus took our sins upon himself, we find true peace and freedom from guilt.

3. It shows us how to escape judgment through repentance

Part of repentance is realizing that our own philosophy of life may be flawed, a realization that anyone, no matter their religious background, can have. Getting closer to Jesus and his teachings often brings a sense of judgment, but Jesus encourages us to find peace in him rather than trying to be morally or religiously perfect. True peace comes from letting go of self-reliance and trusting Jesus as our Savior and Judge, knowing that God is the ultimate Judge and through faith in Jesus, judgment is already behind us.


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