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With Jesus

Tim Keller |  February 26, 2006

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  • Identity
Mark 3:6-19
RS 190-08


In this passage, we see Jesus reaching the height of his popularity with the crowds, cutting across national and ethnic divides. How does Jesus respond to this popularity? By going up into a mountain and naming and renaming people. In this sermon, we learn how Jesus transforms people: 1) We receive a new name; 2) How we receive a new name; 2) Why we receive a new name.

Mark 3:6–19

In the book of Mark, Jesus becomes popular among many people, not only Jews but also Gentiles. Instead of embracing his fame, Jesus retreats to a mountain and starts giving people new names. This act shows the deep changes Jesus brings into people’s lives and helps us understand what it means to receive a new name from Him.

1. In Jesus, we learn that we get a new name

Naming is a powerful act, especially when Jesus gives new names to his followers, giving them new identities and goals. While names given by people can have some impact, they can’t change everything. But when God, or Jesus, gives a name, it’s a divine act that shapes who we are and what we’re meant to do.

2. In Jesus, we learn how we get a new name

Our true identity is tied to our relationship with God, not what’s happening around us. This shows that each one of us is special to Jesus. By getting to know others and helping them, we can discover our strengths and purpose. Being close to Jesus and feeling God’s love is essential to understand who we really are and what we’re meant to do.

3. In Jesus, we learn why we get a new name

In ancient times, people’s names often reflected their heroism and importance. But Jesus gives a new meaning to names. He gives everyone he meets a name, making them important forever. He encourages us not to focus on worldly achievements, but to know that our names are written in heaven. This is a sign of God’s eternal love and acceptance.



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