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With the Anxious

Tim Keller |  February 9, 1997

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  • Discipleship and Spiritual Growth
Luke 10:38-11:13
RS 73-18

Understanding Luke 10:38–42

When you read the story of Martha and Mary, you’ll see how important it is to find spiritual depth in everyday life, not just in big, dramatic events. Martha was busy with chores while Mary focused on Jesus. This story reminds us to put our relationship with Christ first, even when life gets busy. The main point is that greatness is found in everyday moments when we keep our focus on Christ.

1. Jesus loves Martha

Jesus visited Martha, Mary, and Lazarus because He loved them deeply. When He received news about Lazarus being sick, His love for them was clearly shown. Jesus even repeated Martha’s name when He spoke to her, which is a way the Bible emphasizes strong feelings like deep sorrow or compassion. This shows how much Jesus cared for Martha.

2. Martha is a leader

Martha is known for being practical, a little impatient, and a leader. She was the one who invited Jesus into their home. But her importance goes beyond just being loved by Jesus, she’s an influential character in her own right.

3. Martha is very busy

Some people think Mary represents full-time ministry work and Martha represents everyday work. But the story shows us that Martha’s work for Jesus is also a form of ministry. Jesus taught that we should accept those who are often ignored and not to be impressed by powerful people. Most importantly, He taught us to make time for God, to respect His authority, and to connect with His Word both in our minds and hearts. This story encourages us to be like Mary, who took time to listen to Jesus, instead of being too busy with tasks.

1. Is it right to interpret the Bible based on our current understanding?

It’s not right to think we have the perfect understanding of things in a world that’s always changing. What we think is wrong or outdated today might not have been seen that way in the past, and in the future, people might think differently. We should approach the Bible with humility, recognizing our limited understanding and accepting that God’s Word is timeless and relevant to all cultures.

2. Jesus obeyed God’s Word

In Exodus 17, God was symbolically hit by a rock. This event sets the stage for Jesus’ full obedience to God’s Word in His life, even when He faced tough times. As Christians, we’re encouraged to embrace God’s Word, even when it’s difficult, and to work on having a personal relationship with God. This close relationship, which we can develop by studying the Bible and seeking His presence, helps us grow closer to Him, whether we’re already Christians or still searching.



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