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Tim Keller |  July 7, 1996

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  • Work & Faith
1 Thessalonians 4:9-12
RS 70-06


In the Bible there’s a view of work that’s revolutionary. It’s so revolutionary that Dorothy Sayers writes that society as a whole, and individuals in particular, are dying for the lack of it—that individuals are hurting because we don’t have it.

Unless you understand the biblical doctrine of work, you will never find rest. That’s the irony. You see, there’s a kind of work that arises from rest, and on the other hand, there’s a kind of restless work. It’s one or the other.

The biblical doctrine of work has 1) two practical guidelines and 2) two motivational principles.

1 Thessalonians 4:9–12

In Paul’s letters to the church in Thessalonica, he highlights the importance of loving others and working hard. He shifts the traditional idea of work from just earning money to a godly act of creativity and service. He gives advice on how to put others first and how to properly rest, as taught in the Bible. The link between love and work is highlighted, encouraging people to choose jobs that help others and make society better. He ends by asking God to help everyone live these principles for a life of meaning and fulfillment.



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