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Wrath: The Case of Esau

Tim Keller |ย  April 2, 1995

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  • Forgiveness
Hebrews 12:14-17
RS 57-9

Hebrews 12:12โ€“17

This section takes a lesson from the Bible story of Esau and Jacob, showing how favoritism and anger can mess up families and leave people bitter. It contrasts this with a modern story of a family that overcomes a terrible event with forgiveness and kindness, showing the power of letting go of anger and focusing on the wrong done, not the person who did it. The main point is that anger can trap and control us, but the book of Hebrews gives tips on how to manage this strong feeling.

1. What anger is

Anger is a natural way we protect what we love, and the stronger we love something, the angrier we get if it’s threatened. It’s not always bad, and can even show love when it’s used correctly. However, if we love the wrong things, anger can lead us astray and away from God.

2. How to handle anger

Hebrews tells us to notice and deal with our anger, comparing it to a hidden root that can stop us from growing if we donโ€™t. It points out how damaging anger and bitterness can be, and promotes getting to know and letting go of these feelings to find peace and freedom. It emphasizes looking within ourselves, forgiving others, and understanding the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for our sins. By accepting His sacrifice, we can forget about getting back at people and truly find freedom.



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