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You Are My Friends

Tim Keller |  January 19, 1992

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  • Salvation
John 15:9-17
RS 26-03

John 15:9–17

The verses from John 15:13-14 emphasize the deep love shown by Jesus when he willingly gave up his life for his friends. This passage also helps to distinguish between what it means to be a servant and what it means to be a friend. Using the story of “The Bride of Frankenstein” as a comparison, the importance of friendship and the despair of loneliness are highlighted. So, we are led to ask: Why is friendship so important, and how can we recognize true friendship in our own lives?

1. Why do we need friends?

Jesus shows us that our longing for friendship mirrors our need for a relationship with God. The idea of the Trinity, though it might seem complicated, is actually at the root of all our relationships. Friendship is a huge part of what makes us human. But even the best human friendships can’t fully satisfy our deep need for connection, a need that can only be met by a relationship with Jesus, who offers friendship to everyone who asks.

2. How do we meet that need?

Real friendship, whether with God or with other people, is marked by honesty and dependability. It involves being true to who you are and consistently showing kindness and support, even when it costs you something. If you want to be a real friend, you need to balance being open with being consistent. If there’s too much of one or the other, the relationship can start to feel more like a therapy session or a business meeting than a friendship.

1. A friend is someone who lets you all the way in

When we look at what Jesus teaches about friendship, we see that it’s about gradually getting to know each other better. Christianity is unique because it offers a personal relationship with God, not just knowledge about a person from history. This friendship with God helps us understand who we really are and shows us the way forward. It’s a relationship where God is actively involved in our lives, guiding us every step of the way.

2. A friend is someone who never lets you down

The idea of love and sacrifice is brought to life through stories about a deaf community and a ministry for the homeless. These stories show us how important it is to befriend and help those who need it most. Sincere friendships and unselfish acts can make a real difference in society. Jesus’ sacrifice is the greatest example of friendship and rescue, and it’s important for us to follow his example by helping others when they’re in need.



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