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You Will Be With Me

Tim Keller |  April 8, 2001

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  • Atonement
  • Redemption
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Luke 23:32-43
RS 127-5

Luke 23:32–43

When Jesus was crucified, two men were dying alongside him. What they said to Jesus, and what he said back, teach us important truths about why Jesus died. We learn about a common mistake, a tough admission, and an amazing gift.

1. The easiest mistake to make

The first man, also dying on a cross, didn’t fully understand who Jesus was and why he was being crucified. He was swayed by the crowd’s mockery and his own desperate situation. This shows us how easily we can lose sight of the true nature of God when we let society’s views and our own needs distort our understanding.

2. The hardest admission in the world

The experience of the second man shows us the difference between using God to get what we want and making God our ultimate purpose. This man admitted he deserved to be abandoned by God, which emphasizes the need to shift our focus from worldly things to the salvation of our souls.

3. The greatest gift in the world

Jesus’ greatest gift, as mentioned in verse 43, points to a deep connection with him. Many people think salvation just means going to heaven after death, but it’s actually about being with Christ right now. This idea, along with Jesus’ example of forgiving those who hurt him, is something many Christians struggle to fully grasp. However, understanding this can help us overcome our fear of death and avoid getting caught up in less important things. Let’s pray that we can understand and live out the greatness of knowing Jesus.



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