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Living in A Pluralistic Society: Judges, Daniel & Joseph – Group Study

Tim Keller

Publication Date:
TM 160


Israel had strong leadership under Moses and Joshua during the exodus, and later under David and Solomon. But in the intervening years, the Israelites lived in a spiritually pluralistic society. The society of Canaan was a mixture of pagan and believing peoples.

Today, as then, individual believers work and live among a great variety of gods – not only those of other formal religions, but also the gods of wealth, celebrity, pleasure, ideology, achievement. Christians reading these texts today must ask: how can we be sure to follow God rather than the idols of our society and neighbors? How can we renew ourselves when we fail or fall?

Level: Advanced
25 Lessons with questions.
The Leader’s Guide includes all that is printed in the workbook and also the leader’s background notes (on the Biblical texts) and suggested answers to all the Biblical study questions.

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