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Gospel Identity Conference

Timothy J. Keller   |   Nov 17, 2017 - Nov 18, 2017
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This conference is a great learning resource for an individual or a group. The central theme of the talks and seminars is on how to build an identity rooted in the gospel and understanding how modern narratives can be disruptive to our spiritual formation and growth as a disciple of Christ.

In three talks which are each followed by a Q&A session (bundle only), Dr. Tim Keller explores the differences between modern identities and a gospel identity, and the practices that develop a strong gospel identity. The bundle also includes three seminars led by Redeemer pastoral staff (bundle only) which emphasize practical tools for fostering spiritual practices that help us become better disciples of Christ.

Bundle includes audio and video of the following:

  • Session 1: “Modern Identities” by Tim Keller
  • Session 1: Q&A with Tim Keller (bundle exclusive)
  • Session 2: “Gospel Identity” by Tim Keller
  • Session 2: Q&A with Tim Keller (bundle exclusive)
  • Session 3: “How a Gospel Identity Grows” by Tim Keller
  • Session 3: Q&A with Tim Keller (bundle exclusive)
  • Seminar: “Practices for Christian Formation” by Jeff White (bundle exclusive)
  • Seminar: “Formed Through Bible Reading” by Bijan Mirtolooi (bundle exclusive)
  • Seminar: “Formed by Prayer” by Lyn Cook (bundle exclusive)
  • Conference and Seminar Handouts (bundle exclusive)

For churches looking to use church-wide and/or in small groups, please select “Church License (Bundle)” from the drop down menu.

Product TypeSeries

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Modern Identities 11/17/17 Timothy J. Keller $2.50
Gospel Identity 11/18/17 Timothy J. Keller $2.50
How a Gospel Identity Grows 11/18/17 Timothy J. Keller $2.50