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In Christ Jesus: How the Spirit Transforms Us

Tim Keller | November 19, 2006 - January 7, 2007

How does faith in Jesus actually change a person? What is the process? In Romans 6-8, the Apostle Paul, more fully than in any other place in the Bible, reveals how faith in Christ leads concretely to growth in character. We all wrestle with the thought that we are not the people we want to be. Paul neither denies the truth of our brokenness, nor holds a pessimistic view of our prospects. He grounds the hope of our new identity in the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit, for us and in us. If God is for us, who can be against us?


Perfect Freedom

Tim Keller
Nov 19, 2006
Scripture: Romans 6:1-7;11-18
Topic: Identity
Duration: 44:10


Tim Keller
Nov 26, 2006
Scripture: Romans 7:1-9;18-25
Topic: Sin
Duration: 34:18

Mortification Through Joy

Tim Keller
Dec 03, 2006
Scripture: Romans 8:1-13
Topic: The Holy Spirit
Duration: 33:55

Groaning in the Spirit

Tim Keller
Dec 10, 2006
Scripture: Romans 8:13-27
Topics: Suffering, The Holy Spirit
Duration: 34:18

Love Beyond Degree

Tim Keller
Dec 17, 2006
Scripture: Romans 8:28-39
Topics: Christmas and Advent, Glorification, Jesus' Birth
Duration: 30:28

Does God Control Everything?

Tim Keller
Jan 07, 2007
Scripture: Romans 8:28,38-39
Topic: God's Love
Duration: 40:24



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