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Except the Son (Missions Sunday)

Tim Keller |  March 26, 1995

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Matthew 11:25-30
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Matthew 11:25–30

In Matthew 11:25-30, Jesus speaks about rest for people who are tired and the power of being humble. This is the core of the Christian mission. Even though some people see Christianity’s claim of exclusive truth as limited, it is actually a positive, welcoming, and personal faith. This perceived limitation of Christianity comes from its dedication to truth, its welcome to people who’ve made mistakes, and its focus on a personal relationship with God.

1. Christianity seems narrow because it has a positive view of truth.

Jesus praises those who are humble and open to spiritual truths. He contrasts this with people who think they know everything. The idea that all religions are equally true and there is no absolute truth is questioned. It’s important to be humble, aware of oneself, and to not make assumptions about others. The main point is that being closed-minded is about attitude, not content. Everyone, whether they realize it or not, has their own beliefs and shares them.

2. Christianity looks narrow because it’s so inclusive of moral failures.

Jesus taught that those who are humble and tired, not the wise and strong, are welcomed into heaven. Christianity uniquely accepts everyone who recognizes their need for Christ. This is different from other religions that exclude people based on their moral actions or goodness. Even though it might seem narrow, Christianity’s positive view of truth and its offer of hope to people who’ve made mistakes makes it unique. It rejects the idea that doing good deeds gets you into heaven and instead emphasizes the importance of recognizing our own weaknesses.

3. Christianity looks narrow because it’s so personal.

The ultimate goal of religion is not just to live morally or to be happy, but to have a personal relationship with God. Christianity uniquely allows this relationship through Jesus Christ, who bridges the gap between humanity and God. It’s important not just to believe in God but to deeply know Him, and to share the truth of His sacrifice, inviting others to explore the truth of Christianity.


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