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The Lions of God

Tim Keller |  May 21, 2000

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Daniel 6:1-10, 16-23
RS 113-4


The book of Daniel is a helpful place in the Bible to learn how to live as a believer in a pluralistic society — a society that believes in many gods, religions, and moralities. Today we take a look at the most famous of all the narratives in Daniel. We learn three things that should characterize the life of the believer: salt, hurt, and light. These are the same three things that Jesus gives us in the Sermon on the Mount.

Let’s look at these three principles that show us how to live in the world as believers in the only true God.

Daniel 6:1–10, 16–23

The story of Daniel in the lions’ den shows how followers of God can lead their lives in a diverse society. Jesus Christ points out three important traits of his followers: facing tough times, being a positive influence, and acting like a preserving force. These ideas, seen in Daniel’s life, tell us to trust in God and stay strong, especially when faced with challenges.

1. The salt principle

Christians are urged to get involved with the world, much like Daniel did in a corrupt society, acting like salt that keeps things from spoiling. Striving for personal gain can cause conflict, but a self-worth based on God’s love encourages peace, love, and fairness. Thinking of ourselves as “salt” should shape how we live and work, making us think about the bigger picture over our own comfort and safety.

2. The hurt principle

The Bible warns against being too detached or too absorbed in the world, showing the constant struggle between Christians and non-religious society. This conflict, often seen as hypocrisy by non-believers, isn’t just because Christians think they’re special, but because of different beliefs and behaviors that can lead to hostility. Despite these hurdles, Christians can navigate these misunderstandings and confidently share their faith through humility and understanding.

3. The light principle

People often get the story of Daniel and the lions’ den wrong, misunderstanding what faith is. The real message isn’t that God will always keep the good ones from suffering, but that Christianity recognizes life’s challenges. Miracles in the Bible represent a future of peace, and because of Jesus’ sacrifice, followers can bravely face their obstacles, allowing God to be the powerful force in their lives, respected above all else.



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