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Waiting and Living by Faith

Tim Keller |  May 10, 2009

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  • Christian Living and Obedience
Habakkuk 2:1-4
RS 313-02


It’s almost cliché to hear someone say you should “wait on the Lord.” But here in Habakkuk, we have a book that’s all about how to face evil times. And one of the main ways in which we’re able to handle evil times is what the Bible calls “waiting on the Lord.”

Habakkuk has started by voicing a great complaint, has heard God’s first response, and has called out to God again. In this passage, Habakkuk waits to hear God’s second answer. Habakkuk waits.

There is a rich meaning to this, which we can see in this text. We are to wait on the Lord 1) patiently, 2) perspectively, 3) obediently, 4) God-centrically, and 5) joyfully.

Understanding Habakkuk 2:1–4

The book of Habakkuk helps us understand how to get through tough times. It reminds us that even when life is difficult, God is still with us and working in our lives. The story tells us to wait patiently for God, to keep a positive outlook, to obey God, to keep our focus on Him, and to find joy even when things are hard.

1. Patiently

Waiting for God means we have to be patient when life doesn’t make sense or feels too hard. It’s about humbly accepting God’s plan for us, even when it’s tough, and realizing that our trials can help us grow. If we stay patient when we’re disappointed, it can make us stronger and give us hope.

2. With Perspective

Like standing on a tower to see what’s coming, we need to look at our problems from a wider, spiritual perspective. In the book of Romans, the Apostle Paul shows us how to do this by comparing his hardships to the great things that will come. Waiting for God requires us to be humble, keep perspective, and obey Him.

3. Obediently

Habakkuk’s story reminds us to keep our faith and obey God, no matter how we’re feeling or what we’re going through. Like a soldier standing guard, we need to stay committed to our duties, even when things get tough. We should keep up with our spiritual practices and avoid doing wrong, just like Jane Eyre trusted in God and followed her principles, even when it was hard.

4. Focused on God

Our relationship with God shouldn’t be about getting things from Him. It’s about loving Him for who He is. If we only turn to God when we want something, we’re not truly loving Him. Real love for God means staying faithful even when we’re not getting any rewards. This can bring us deep peace because we know we’re forever connected to Him.

5. Joyfully

Having faith means we wait for God, no matter what’s happening in our lives, and trust in His plan to make things right. Jesus showed us this patient and serving attitude. He promised to use His power to bring joy and fulfillment to us. Knowing about Jesus’ love for us, in the past and in the future, can help us wait for Him with joy and freedom.



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