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Tim Keller |  February 16, 2003

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  • Church Planting and Missions
  • Sharing Your Faith
  • Christian Living and Obedience
Luke 10:1-21
RS 156-1


The first nine chapters of Luke are mainly concerned with the question, “Who is Jesus?” Starting in chapter 9 and stretching over the next few chapters, the theme switches, as it were, and asks, “If he’s the Son of God, how should we live?”

The general answer is that we should be disciples, but there are many facets to being a disciple. Starting in chapter 10, Jesus gives us specific ways we are to be his disciples. Today we’re going to look more specifically at being a messenger. Disciples are messengers. Every disciple of Jesus is given a message to publicly communicate, urging everyone to believe it. There are three things Jesus gives every single disciple: a mission, a message, and a motivation.

Luke 10:1–21

In Luke’s gospel, Jesus picks seventy-two disciples, showing us how crucial it is to share our faith and how believers are given power over spiritual enemies. The story tells us that being a follower of Jesus isn’t just about belief, but also about helping others to believe too. It highlights how His teachings can change lives and why staying humble is so important when we serve. The story ends by reminding us of the happiness that comes from knowing we’re safe forever, the bravery and real love needed to share the good news, and the promise that we’ll be known in heaven.



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