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A Christian’s Weeping

Tim Keller |  July 13, 1997

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  • Repentance
Psalm 126
RS 78-2

Understanding Psalm 126

Psalm 126 is like a road map for our feelings when we believe in God. It’s about a group of people remembering a time when they were freed, even though they’re sad. It helps us think about the different reasons we cry and if we’re crying for the right reasons. This Psalm encourages us to think about how we handle sadness.

1. Living a faithful life means feeling both happy and sad

Being faithful means experiencing both happiness and sadness, showing the two sides of a believer’s emotional life. Even though sadness might be unavoidable, happiness always comes out on top, staying bright even when times are hard. This reflects Jesus’s life, which was filled with both great happiness and great sadness.

2. Living a faithful life means feeling even more happiness and sadness

Believing in Christ makes both happiness and sadness more intense. Being saved makes us more sensitive to others’ feelings, leading to deeper empathy and regret. Sin becomes more hurtful because it’s like breaking God’s heart, and seeing others in pain makes us feel more compassionate. So, if we’re experiencing more intense emotions, it’s a sign that our faith is real.

3. Living a faithful life means experiencing happiness and sadness together

We explore how sadness and happiness are connected, using Derek Kidner’s thoughts on the Psalms. Kidner suggests that sadness can lead to a deeper understanding and feeling of happiness. This idea is found in both the Old and New Testaments. The connection between happiness and sadness in the gospel is emphasized: gospel happiness can lead to deeper sadness through repentance, but also to deeper happiness through understanding God’s love and forgiveness.



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