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Exclusivity: How Can There Be Just One True Religion?

Tim Keller |  September 24, 2006

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  • Objections to Christianity
  • Repentance
1 John 4:1-10
RS 192-1


We’re beginning a series looking at the main objections, the main problems, people in our culture have with Christianity. The objection we’re looking at now can be summed up in one word: exclusivity. The problem is this: how can you possibly claim your religion is the only true religion, that you have the one truth?

Religion, generally speaking, has a very strong tendency to divide people and create strife among people. In fact, I would go so far as to say religion tends to create a slippery slope in the heart that moves all the way down to even oppression and violence. So what do we do about this? We have to do something.

I would suggest that right now, people are trying to address the divisiveness of religion in two ways. There are two main strategies people are taking, but I’d like to show you they won’t work. Lastly, I’d like to give you a strategy that I think will.

1 John 4:1–10

Understanding the importance of identifying true and false spiritual influences and acknowledging Jesus as God shows us the strength of God in us. When we bring the special parts of Christianity into everyday conversations, it can promote harmony and healing, even though some people may think religion causes division. The good news of Jesus encourages us to be humble, welcoming everyone, and to show love and kindness to people who believe differently than us. It also calls us to live like Christ and to say sorry when we make mistakes.

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