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A Different Peace

Tim Keller |  December 1, 1991

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  • Trust and Assurance
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Prayer & Meditation
John 14:27-31
RS 11-50

John 14:26–27

In John 14:26-27, we discover the ideas of gratitude and peace, feelings that are often associated with holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Jesus gives us a special kind of peace that helps us fight fear, a feeling that is very much the opposite of peace. This is different from the sadness we feel in this troubled world. By understanding fear, and the ways in which peace can be faked, we see how Jesus truly brings us peace.

1. Fear is the opposite of peace

When people move away from God, they often end up feeling scared and powerless, especially when bad things happen. This is because people think they can control everything, and when something goes wrong, they feel helpless and shocked. Also, without God, it’s hard to know what’s right and wrong. The fear of obeying God can be less scary compared to other fears.

2. The counterfeits of peace

The peace that Jesus gives us is based on understanding, unlike the world’s version of peace which is often based on not knowing or ignoring the truth. This divine peace comes from truly knowing who you are as a Christian – loved, adopted, and destined for a blessed afterlife. Unlike worldly peace that comes and goes, Christian peace is constant, based on truths that last forever.

3. How do you get Christ’s peace?

Jesus gives his followers a peace that is based on his sacrifice. This peace is both personal and universal, solidly based on his fulfillment of God’s plans. This kind of peace, which overcomes guilt, worldly perspectives, and even death, is only grown by remembering Jesus’ teachings through the Holy Spirit and taking them to heart. If we feel we lack this peace, it could be because we aren’t obeying God’s rules, not accepting His love, or not spending time in prayer and fellowship. In that case, we should strive to know God’s peace through communion, and allow the Holy Spirit to plant these truths deep within us.




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