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Tim Keller |  April 7, 2002

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  • Prayer & Meditation
Psalm 1:1-6
RS 148-01


We’re going to look at the processes by which a supernaturally changed heart comes about – the disciplines of grace. Now what are the ways that this happens? Over the centuries, Christians have looked to the Psalms maybe more than any other place in the Bible to learn about these disciplines of grace and today, we’re starting with the first psalm.

So let’s ask ourselves what we learn from this passage about meditation, which is one of the disciplines of grace – it’s one of the ways in which we work out our salvation into every nook and cranny of our lives in awe and wonder (Phil 2:12). There are four things we’re going to learn about meditation from the passage: the promise of meditation, the principle, the practice, and the puzzle.

Understanding Psalm 1

Imagine your faith in Christ blending into all parts of your life, like colors in a beautiful painting. It’s an amazing journey, isn’t it? Meditation is like a paintbrush that helps spread this color, nurturing our faith and spiritual growth. Psalm 1 talks about a fantastic promise for those who meditate on God’s teachings. We can break this down into four key parts: the promise, the principle, the practice, and the puzzle.

1. The promise

Meditation is like a change-maker. It can replace our shallow thoughts with deep, meaningful ones, matching our inner selves with our outer behavior. It also gives us stability, like an anchor in a stormy sea, not affected by what’s happening around us. Even when times are tough, meditation helps us grow stronger, just like a tree preparing for a fruitful season despite the harsh winter.

2. The principle

Psalm 1 tells us that meditation is key to growing spiritually. Think of prayer as a conversation with God. Sometimes we start the talk, other times we respond to His words. The second type lets God lead the chat, helping us understand Him and ourselves better. Meditation is like the bridge between studying the Bible and praying, helping us connect with God’s messages, reflect on them, and respond with a prayer.

3. The practice

Meditating on God’s Word is like spiritual food. It requires us to fully accept and understand the Bible’s teachings. It’s more than just reading – it’s about thinking deeply about the Word and letting it touch our hearts. Regularly practicing this discipline helps us hear God’s voice and respond, leading to positive changes in our lives.

4. The puzzle

Even though meditating on God’s teachings can make us realize our mistakes, it can also bring joy and happiness. Just like Isaiah and Jesus showed us. Jesus, as the living water, helps us overcome this challenge, quenching our spiritual thirst and helping us find joy in obeying God’s Word. It’s important to continue this practice and pray for those still searching for their spiritual anchor in Jesus.




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