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Praying in the Spirit

Tim Keller |  June 13, 1999

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  • God the Father
  • Prayer & Meditation
Romans 8:15-27
RS 105-01


To address God as Father was an intimate and shocking thing for Jesus to do. As we move toward the Father in intimacy of prayer, the Spirit will grow in us a deepening wisdom, develop beauty of heart, and give us spiritual clarity. Prayer is primal, realistic, positional, experiential, and communal.

Romans 8:15–27

Prayer, as we’re discussing here, is a deep idea, which points out how vital it is to talk to God as “Our Father.” It’s not just something we do to get what we want. It involves hope, patience, and the help of the Holy Spirit. When we see ourselves as God’s children, we find a special kind of trust, even when we face the hard parts of being a Christian.




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