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A Leader’s Passion

Tim Keller |  November 2, 1997

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  • Sanctification
Exodus 33:4-9,15;34:1-7
RS 83-09

Exodus 33:4–9, 15–23; 34:1–7

Looking at the idea of “renewal” is key to understanding how we relate to God. The story of the Israelites shows how they often messed up and acted unfairly, causing God to pull away. Yet, the Old Testament teaches us how to rebuild and refresh our relationship with God.

1. We really need renewal

Even though they saw miracles, the Israelites didn’t really believe. This shows that they hadn’t truly experienced God’s love. Being a Christian is about more than following religious rules. It’s about allowing God to change our hearts and continually renew our spirits. Even people who’ve seen God’s power can have stubborn hearts. This shows why it’s important to seek God’s help and to encourage others by growing in our own faith.

2. How do we get renewal?

Having a personal relationship with God is more important than having blessings or success on the surface. Looking at Moses’ story, we see how much he desired a deep connection with God. He realized that true glory can only be found in God. We’re encouraged to recognize when we’re not satisfied and to develop a desire for God. This leads to a stronger connection with Him.



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