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A Movement

Tim Keller |  April 24, 2016

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1 Peter 2:4-12
RS 365-09

Sermon Summary

The church, depicted as a spiritual house constructed with living stones, is chosen and cherished by God. Drawing parallels to the Israelites’ covenant community, the church is called to be a chosen people, a royal priesthood, and a holy nation. The concept of glory, defined as God’s brilliant greatness, power, beauty, and presence, is bestowed upon the church, accentuating its identity rather than its actions.

1. The glory of the church

The exploration of the Sinai assembly terminology applied to Christians points out the privilege believers have in accessing God’s glory through grace and community participation. The church is stressed as a dwelling place for God’s glory, exceeding human expectations and ambitions, and a catalyst for spiritual revival. The church’s role as a holy and royal priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices and declaring praises, is also spotlighted.

2. The gifts of the church

Ancient cultures relied on spiritual elites to connect with the divine, utilizing temples, priests, and sacrifices. However, Christianity diverged from this norm, seeing Jesus as the ultimate temple, priest, and sacrifice, and thus, every Christian became a spiritual conduit. This shift transformed the church from a top-down institution into a dynamic, bottom-up movement, shaped by the unique spiritual gifts bestowed upon each believer by God.

3. The grace of the church

The transformative power of grace is explored, marking the need for believers to awaken the Holy Spirit within them. The concept of grace is discussed, illuminating its attributes of freedom, love, and value, and the idea of believers as God’s treasured possession. The narrative concludes with the story of Hosea, illustrating God’s love and redemption, and asserting that Jesus secured humanity’s salvation through his sacrifice, thereby activating the gifts and glory of God in the church.



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