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A New Community

Tim Keller |  October 8, 1995

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  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
  • Worship
Acts 2:40-47
RS 63-05


This account in the book of Acts shows the explosive growth of the early church. Thousands of new believers were experiencing new life in Christ, and in Acts we see that Christians came together every single day in the temple for worship and other activities. They had been transformed by Jesus from individuals into a unified community.. How do we know the new life of Christ is present in our lives? In our churches? There are two main signs of the new life in Christ that this sermon will cover: truth and love.

Acts 2:40–47

The early church, as described in Acts 2:40-47, grew rapidly because of the spiritual power that came with their faith. This power changed the believers, creating a new focus on truth, love, and community. This wasn’t just because they were told to, but it was a natural sign of the new life within them. This is something every believer should experience.

1. Who?

Christianity is unique in that it brings together all kinds of people—different countries, races, social classes, and personalities—into a close-knit group. The Apostle Paul’s friendship with both the highly educated and less educated shows this. True unity goes beyond intellectual discussions. The power of the gospel is in its ability to bring people together, overcoming differences.

2. What?

The first Christians built a strong community and worshiped God through three main activities: studying the New Testament, participating in fellowship, and taking part in liturgical worship, especially the Lord’s Supper. They were committed to studying the apostles’ teachings and to loving and supporting each other, even when it was hard. This mix of learning, loving, and liturgy was the basis of their community and spiritual life.

3. Why?

The church in Acts 2 was unusually generous, and as a result, there was no poverty among them. The church grew not because of outreach programs, but because people were attracted to their transformed lives. A healthy church combines learning, loving, liturgy, doing good deeds, and teaching the word of God, striking a balance between beliefs and relationships, all powered by God’s transformative strength.

4. How?

Praising God is what strengthens fellowship and brings joy, much like sharing a beautiful piece of music or art. Christian meetings aren’t just for comfort or approval, but to praise the one who gave everything for us. This overcomes any bitterness, indifference, or cultural or racial differences. The way to deepen fellowship and refresh relationships is through praising the Lord who gave himself for us.



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