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Bathed in Blessing

Tim Keller |  October 2, 2011

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  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
Ephesians 1:1-8
RS 333-01


To bless may mean basically to wish someone well, but that’s not the way the New Testament uses it. The word bless is closer to the word shalom, which means every joy and every benefit your heart and soul needs and longs for. This sermon uncovers what it means to be blessed and how we can have every spiritual blessing.

Understanding Ephesians 1:1–8

Ephesians helps us understand who we are as a church. Verses 3 to 14 are especially important, and verse 3 tells us that God has given us every spiritual blessing through Christ. When the New Testament talks about “blessing”, it means more than just saying something nice – it means all the good things we could ever want for our hearts and souls. And the amazing thing is, as Christians, we already have these blessings.

1. How do we receive all these spiritual blessings?

As Christians, we have a special connection with Christ. We’re part of his life, death, and resurrection, and everything he has is ours too. This relationship brings about justification, adoption, and change through the Holy Spirit, marking a significant point of being in Christ. This grace, given freely and without needing to earn it, gives us confidence and freedom from guilt. We can see this in the life of Paul, who despite his past wrongs, experienced this grace.

2. What are these spiritual blessings?

Spiritual blessings come to us through adoption and redemption. God stops being a distant figure and becomes our loving Father. This adoption gives us closeness, safety, and a share in the inheritance along with Christ. This means a future in the new heavens and earth. Also, it includes discipline, using life’s difficulties to shape us to be more like Jesus Christ.

3. Why can we have all these spiritual blessings?

Redemption is more than just paying off a debt; it’s about freeing ourselves from selfishness and ego that can show up when we seek approval, power, and success. True freedom is found in Jesus Christ’s life and teachings, who showed us nonviolence, selfless service, and love. Through His sacrifice, we are set free. This freedom is not a one-time thing, but a journey of discovering our true worth.

4. How can we know if we have all these spiritual blessings?

Believing in Christ’s redemption is not just about knowing it in our minds, but feeling it in our hearts. The story of Jesus Christ’s selfless love, giving His life for us, is incredibly powerful. This truth can change our lives, filling our hearts with His amazing grace.



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