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A New Generation

Tim Keller |  February 8, 1998

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  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
Acts 2:40-47
RS 89-1

Acts 2:40–47

Understanding what the church is helps us understand Jesus better. Jesus doesn’t just want a one-on-one relationship with us; He invites us into a community – the church. We’ll look at what makes the church special and why Peter tells us to stay away from a sinful society.

1. Peter is teaching the depth of the salvation he offers

Peter talks about salvation as more than just being forgiven for our sins or feeling peaceful. He recognizes that our world is falling apart, impacting everything from our friendships, families, and even our connection with God. But the Bible gives us hope – it promises that God has the power to fix everything that’s broken, offering a complete salvation that can heal every part of our lives.

2. Peter is teaching the form of the salvation he offers

Being a Christian isn’t just about feeling better or belonging to a group; it changes how we see and live in the world. The stories and events in the Bible give us a new way to address our individual and societal problems, especially for people who feel left out. The good news of Jesus challenges both strict moral codes and the idea that all beliefs are equally valid. It helps us respect different cultures without feeling superior and build healthy relationships without giving up who we are. Ultimately, it calls us to be part of a church that brings positive change to society.



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