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A Vision for Culture-Making

Tim Keller |  October 10, 2010

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  • Creation
  • Work & Faith
Genesis 1:26-28; 2:2-17
RS 325-03


What happens when you take the gospel, the basic message of Jesus Christ, out of the church into the world? It has many consequences for our lives, but one of the things that happens is it affects your work and your job. It gives us a different perspective on what work is for, how we should do our work, and it gives our work meaning and significance.

The book of Genesis may be one of the best places to learn about the meaning of our work. 1) It gives us a vision for work; 2) it gives us guardrails for our work; and 3) it gives us a power to do our work.

Genesis 1:26–28; 2:2–17

Studying Genesis 1, 2, and 3 teaches us some important lessons about jobs and careers. These chapters help us understand what work means from a Christian point of view. They show us what work should look like, how to act right, and give us the strength to do our tasks. They help us use our time wisely.

1. It gives you a vision for work

Christianity changes the way we think about jobs and tasks. It tells us that all kinds of work are part of God’s plan to bring order, beauty, and wellbeing into the world. This means that even simple tasks are important. It also encourages us to work not for our own personal gain, but to serve God and others, making our work full of hope, purpose, and care for others.

2. It gives you guardrails for your work

There are clear rules in our work according to God. There are things we should and shouldn’t do, like being honest and not cheating. Today, many people don’t follow these rules because they only care about themselves. But, as Christians, we can show honesty, fairness, kindness, and admit when we’re wrong because we follow Jesus’ teaching.

3. It gives you a power to do your work

Genesis teaches us that work can be both rewarding and challenging, just like the story of Sisyphus. The real problem with work is when we try to prove ourselves through it, leading to stress and unhappiness. The real peace and satisfaction come from believing in Jesus’ sacrifice for us. This faith allows us to approach our work with a clear vision, trust in God’s plan, and a sense of encouragement.



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