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The Song of Creation

Tim Keller |  October 15, 2000

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  • Creation
Genesis 1:1-8, 31
RS 122-01


Genesis tells the why of creation, not the how. It’s a poem, a song about a historical event. The Christian doctrine of creation is that this world is good and the purpose of nature is to be a community. We can take joy in cultivating and enjoying the physical world.

Genesis 1:1–8, 31

The beginning of everything is a big idea to think about. But even bigger is the reason why everything was made. The Bible, with its different types of writing, shows us why the world matters, why creation is valuable, and why it’s important to stand up against things that are wrong. It also reminds us to enjoy the good things in life. The strength of God’s word, the idea of the Trinity, and the stunning beauty of nature all call us to know God better.



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